About Us

Marine Industries Victoria (MIV) has been involved in the commercial maritime and diving industries in Victoria for over thirty years.  Through this time, we have developed a wide range of skills and experience in performing simple to complex marine and subsea works for a wide variety of clients.

Specialising in vessel supply, maintenance and operations, Marine Industries Victoria is capable of catering for the needs of many different commercial applications.

Our vessel fleet and our ability to procure project-specific vessels makes our organisational capabilities almost unrivalled in the passenger / crew transfer, dive support and commercial charter sectors.  The right vessel for the right task optimises the project’s efficiency and safety.  Our team of vessel masters, deck personnel, dive supervisors and marine engineers are among some of the most experienced and respected mariners in the Victorian Maritime industry and beyond.

Industry Expertise

Fleet Operations

Fleet Capabilites

Multi Cats

Anchor Handling Harbour Tugs

Crew Transfer Vessels

Multi-purpose power & non-power barges

Diver Support Vessels

General purpose utility vessels

Emergency, fast response vessels

Liveaboard research vessel

General purpose utility vessels

Industry Capabilities

At Marine Industries Victoria we pride ourselves in being able to plan and deliver an organised and controlled project following the principles of excellent project management practices.  Marine Industries Victoria utilise structured, developed and sound project management principles, which result in the proven performance of meeting client demands.  By using these techniques, we are able to adapt and provide flexibility, allowing for complete control on all project fronts resulting in project closure on time, in budget and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our key capabilities include: