Our Fleet

Having the right vessel for the job is key to the success of any project

Vessel Specifications

Many jobs require specialised craft to perform the role safely & efficiently. We have a long history of supplying commercial vessels for various applications – from light commercial work to Tier 1 Infrastructure Maritime Support.

Our extensive background in the Maritime Industry backed by our inhouse engineers, fabricators and specialised maintenance teams means that we not only can supply the right equipment for the task but we can ensure that it is capable of operating 24 / 7 to ensure that there is no costly down time during a project.

Our range of craft ranges from work punts to large crew transfer vessels, specialised tugs and barges.

Whatever your requirement we can supply or source the perfect vessel for your needs. 

Multi Cats & Tugs

With our range of multicats and tugs we can keep up with the demand of onshore and offshore workloads, a broad range of drafts, fuelling capabilities and deck space / loading gives MIV the edge.  Our multi-purpose vessels can be used for multiple workboat applications from shallow water anchor handling, towing, construction support, mooring installation, dredging support inspection, maintenance and repair.

Phoenix Specification Sheet

Minotaur Specification Sheet


Dangerfield Specification Sheet


Centaur Specification Sheet

Crew Transfer / Diver Support

One of the highest risks in any maritime operation is personnel transfer.  Careful consideration for the right asset for safe transfer is crucial.  Our fleet of diver support / crew transfer vessels are purpose-built with multiple loading and crew transfer options.  Powered with twin shaft drive allows versatile operations even in shallow waters.  Large open deck spaces with the option of roll down weather protection sides or hinged windows makes for a comfortable, dry ride for large number of passengers or divers.  Our Crew transfer, General utility & Diver support vessels are exceptionally safe and versatile, guaranteed to provide worker satisfaction.

Medusa Specification Sheet


Seadragon Specification Sheet

Hermes Specification Sheet

Power & Non-Powered Barges

DB1 Specification Sheet

Lavena II Specification Sheet

General Purpose Utility, Emergency Response

Our fast response vessel fleet is economical, fast deploying, single master operated, towable on trailer, can be craned on deck and are capable of beach launching.   These vessels can operate on standard survey or under tender exemption to mother ship.

Mercator Specification Sheet

Punt Specification Sheet

Enforcer 1 Specification Sheet

Orange Roughy Specification Sheet

Liveaboard / Research vessel

MIV Escape has available for charter a 24 metre mono-hull vessel designed for extended operations in remote areas.  The vessel is ideal for environmental research, monitoring and management activities including Marine fauna surveys, Marine monitoring, Diving operations, ROV operations, Benthic surveys, Water quality monitoring and Environmental and management activities to name a few.  The options for this vessel are extensive – from offshore commercial maritime operations through to private luxury charters for Company events or pleasure charters.


Escape Specification Sheet

Whatever your requirement we can supply or source the perfect vessel for your needs. 

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