Commercial & Scientific Diving

Commercial Diving

Our team is qualified & experienced to handle the hardest tasks and the deepest depths in commercial diving. No matter if your project requires demolition of the largest of structures or high precision underwater fabrication and installation, Marine Industries Victoria can handle your task. Using the latest industry technologies and materials we specialise in finding our clients the most effective application and service to meet the project needs.  Our team is familiar with the use of all forms of underwater testing, cutting and welding applications and can develop custom built equipment saving our clients time and money. Having the ability to dive is only one part of the task, having a team to evaluate, engineer and facilitate the best method of achieving the project means our dive teams can be more effective whilst underwater and our results exceed client expectations.

Our commercially recognised training and research program meets and exceeds international marine scientific diving requirements and has been created with the Australian Government to train scientists that take part in marine research activities; such as surveying, monitoring and inspecting.

Our team are all trained and certified in compliance with the Australian Standards for Occupational and Scientific Diving Operations, with necessary skills required to conduct scientific diving under safe circumstances and in an efficient manner. 

This experience and expertise in the scientific aspect of underwater environments coupled with the added benefit of being occupational divers and with years of experience means that we can provide expert knowledge with well-established methods for data collection, both qualitative and quantitative, to cater for any project requirement our clients may require.

Scientific Diving

Scientific Diving services:

Light Commercial

Our team has extensive experience in making straightforward above-water tasks happen under the water in a safe and efficient manner.

From hull inspections, cleaning or anode changes through to the repair or replacement of specialised installations, our team has the experience and tooling to tackle the smallest pool repair through to deep ocean complex repairs.

Surveying is a specialised task that requires the right equipment, highly trained individuals and a management team to ensure that the survey exceeds client’s specifications and delivered in optimum timing.

Often, we encounter clients with specific needs that require us to draw from our years of commercial, recreational, technical diving and maritime engineering experiences to find a solution that best delivers the project objectives.

We often partner with other capable and experienced operators to extend our capabilities for even the largest projects.