Vessel supply & operation

The success of any construction project built one, over or under the water depends on specialised support with specialised gear. MIV has quickly built its reputation for its capability to provide full services support with a flexible operating structure, making us the Maritime Support provider of choice for many who rely on our capability, flexibility and unrelenting desire to help the project goals, safely, on time and under budget.

MIV fleet consists of a variety of tow vessels capable of performing towage services in a variety of water ways. Our fleet consists of small, light, trailable craft capable of difficult launch and retrieval areas through to ocean going tugs.


Coupled with a combined history of over 100 years of working the water ways, seas & oceans of the world, our team can insure your movements are carefully planned & conducted.

MIV has several offshore support vessels that regularly are engaged in supporting offshore projects, infrastructure or crew & cargo transportation.


Our company structure allows for us to quickly supply, modify or obtain specialised vessels to cater for the exact need of our clients, ensuring that compromises on capability don’t have to be accepted where some of our competitors are restricted to offers simply of assets on hand.

MIV has a extensive history in supporting Defence in multiple capabilities from asset construction, vessel procurement and management, on-water vessel support, Maritime training, SCUBA & occupational diver training and support, equipment procurement plus many other specialised requirements.

Our team across many vessels has for year safely and efficiently delivered crew & passenger transfers from location to location in wide ranging conditions.


With over 1,000,000 physically personal transfers to date conducted incident free, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of safe yet flexible solutions to achieve efficiently transfers for our clients wherever the demand maybe.

Many clients require the provision of Maritime assets for private charter. Our fleet is available in either a “dry hire” sense or fully provisioned with crew and supplies as required. Contact us for more information on how our fleet and team maybe able to assist your needs.

Many waterside asides either fixed or floating may require the services of on water security to mitigate the risks of unwanted interference, inclement weather incidents or simply ensure safe passage.


Our team can provide a range of vessel and crew to cater for short or long term waterside security as required.

Underwater salvage is a field where expertise and equipment go hand in hand to ensure that usually and unfortunate situation is made worse by failed or miss managed salvage attempts.


Our team has a large selection of salvage equipment coupled with experts in salvaging well over 500+ submerged items to cater for all types of recoveries big or small.

At times the bottom beneath a water way requires maintenance, our team has the capability to conduct sea bed levelling operations as well a range of dredging services.

Given our passion for the environment we specialise in environmentally friendly seabed relocation that aims to achieve our clients requirements with an absolute minimal environmental impact. Often this is best achieved by hand and eye of a physical diver so as to ensure the targeted material is all that is disturbed in the process.


This is a method that traditional dredging mechanisms simply cannot discriminate against and is often more efficient as the suction is always target efficiently.

When in Port vessel of all types and size often require support from third party vessels for a number of tasks.

MIV has a wide range of assets placed across multiple areas in proximity to major ports and can provide an extremely cost efficient, flexible 24 / 7 support service to meet a wide range of client needs.


Contact us for our on and underwater support capabilities for your ports support needs.